Project development by Jolly Spider
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At Jolly Spider, we've found that projects typically follow a certain course of action. Once our initial consultation shows we can work together, we and the client do the following:


We each sign a contract to protect BOTH our interests. Additionally, a down payment is expected.


Your name and place to live on the Internet need to be reserved. We can work with you on this, then invoice you for just what we pay.


You provide text, photos, and whatever else is needed to build your Website. If you need help, Jolly Spider can do copywriting and digital photography for you.


Periodically through the development phase, we meet with you to show you progress on your site and to see where changes need to be made.


Upon your final approval, we publish your site to the Internet, advertise it to various search engines (like Google), and present you our final bill.


Websites generally need to be updated to look and feel fresh. If it's been a long time since any updates were made, perhaps a complete site redesign is in order. Don't worry, we can help with that!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!